van der Winden Desmond

Desmond van der Winden

Senior Linux and ICT Engineer

Name:Desmond van der Winden
Date of birth:03-08-1980
Address:Krammer 8, 3232 HE Brielle
Phone:+31(0)6 55 559 559

Freelance IT Engineer with more than 20 years of IT experience. Certified Windows and Linux Engineer. Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Blockchain Engineer.

Specialties: DevOps Engineering, complex IT infrastructures, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Oracle Linux, SUSE, Ubuntu, Microsoft Azure, AWS, OpenStack, VMWare, SolusVM, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Satellite 5/6, Ansible, Ansible Tower, GitLab, TeamForge.


May 2019 - present


DevOps: Senior Linux Specialist

Fox-IT is a Dutch company in the field of computer and network security. It deals with advice, IT products and training. The head office is in Delft. Their biggest clients are governments, financial institutions and companies in the field of vital infrastructure.
– Senior Linux DevOps Engineer
– Setting up various migrations plans for migration of CI/CD Development street
– Migrations of various environments
– Migrations of existing platform to High Availability / Fail over Cluster
– Migration and conversions of various data and software



Reference: Mr. Fred Smulders (Manager) +31(0)70 – 20 40 355

January 2019 - May 2019


DevOps Engineer - GitLab Engineer - Linux Administrator

TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research is an independent research organisation in the Netherlands that focuses on applied science.

The organisation also conducts contract research, offers specialist consulting services, and grants licences for patents and specialist software. TNO tests and certifies products and services, and issues an independent evaluation of quality. Moreover, TNO sets up new companies to market innovations.
– Senior Linux Administrator, migration engineer and CI/CD implementations
– Management of migrations between SVN, GIT and GITHub to new platform
– Development and design of new platform for application launches
– Working in Defense protected enviroments in position involving confidentiality
– Management of GitLab Community and Enterprise edition
– Development of Gitlab runners in cross-wide enviroments
– Working with Oracle Peopletools 8.56
– Working with Docker and Omnibus system
– Migration of RedMine platform to GitLab Enterprise
– Migration of Subversion Edge platform to GitLab
– Implementation of Kerberos, MFA and other 3rd party authentication systems
– Management and migrations of TeamForge and SVN platforms
– Management Team meetings for information
– Giving demonstrations about future changes and cost effective solutions
– Working in various networks, Government confidential, department confidential, collaborations enviroment
– As-is upgrades of servers and platforms
– Use of Microsoft Hyper-V
– Use of Windows 10 and Ubuntu
– Working in a team of Information Services


Reference: Mr. B. Roethof (Project Manager) +31(0)88 – 866 00 00

February 2017 - present

Serverion B.V.

Senior DevOps Engineer - OpenStack Engineer

Webhosting company for entry level and high end customers running a various collection of Windows and Linux Servers. Services as High Availability and load balancing solutions.

– Configuring and managing Linux Servers using CentOS, Ubuntu and CloudLinux Enviroments
– Use of Ansible configurations
– Management and use of Openstack, OpenShift, Git and Subversion
– Working as Agile/Scrum Devops
– Running High availability Clusters on Cephfs
– Running Cloud platforms with DC/OS and Mesos
– Provided services as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, OpenStack, SAP
– Linux Bash Scripting and Python scripting
– Windows Power Shell Management
– Linux Management for third party companies (hosting, development and marketing)
– VMWare / ESX Virtual Server Management
– SolusVM Virtualisation Management
– Zabbix, Grafana, collectd and Kibana Monitoring Management
– LibreNMS management and development
– Use of Apache NIFI
– Magento and WordPress optimalisation
– Use of Memcache, Redis, APC and Reverse proxy caching
– Management of several CI/CD Platforms using Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Maven and Kubernetes
– Use of hosting software like DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk
– Management of Apache, Nginx, PHP5, PHP7, Bind, Exim, Dovecot, SSHD, OpenSSL, CertBot and LetsEncrypt
– Custom configurations of CSF/LFD firewall and iptables
– Setting up and running BGP Routing networks (internal and external)
– Setting up High traffic volumes and BGP peering on various Internet Exchanges
– Use of WHMCS and WeFact administration software
– Development and use of PowerAdmin with MySQL master/slave solution on 3 geographical locations
– Database management and optimalisation of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle
– Teamlead of 6 FTE


August 2015 - November 2018

LC Packaging International B.V.

Linux Engineer

LC Packaging is the leading supplier in Europe for all your agricultural packaging and bulk bags, FIBC or big bags. As the Freelance Linux Administrator I am responsible for maintaining all linux hosting / application servers.

– Installation and management of Linux Servers running CentOS or Ubuntu
– Migrations and management of Linux servers and various services
– Working with SCRUM method
– Development of custom made module for Magento with SAP integration
– Consultancy and support for Management Team
– Development of WordPress platform with automated services for setting up marketing websites
– Second line support for local IT Department
– Management of DNS
– Adviser for complex IT Solutions specialized in internet section
– Setting up protocols for shared webhosting platform
– Setting up uptime and performance monitor

Reference: Mr. D. Polak (IT Manager) +31(0)180 – 393837

April 2004 - June 2017

MobilityCentre Volvo

Freelance Network Administrator

Freelance System and Network Administator for the largest Volvo dealer in the area of Rotterdam. The current position is to manage all the Windows based servers, 110 desktop computers and other devices running and up to date. MobilityCentre Volvo de Jong has 3 physical locations connected using optic fibre technology.

– Windows System administration and maintenance
– Network administrator and running optic fibre network using Vodafone optics
– Configuring and maintaining routers and switches
– System updates and user support
– Management of PlanIT Software
– Management of Volvo based Software VIDA and iDAS hosted in Sweden at Volvo
– Management of Linux intranet services on Slackware and Apache/MySQL
– Management of AS400 Infrastructure and server
– Management of Active Directory in dedicated local network
– Use Microsoft Virtualisation based on Hyper-V
– Switching and Router management (CISCO)
– Network cabling (UTP, STF and Fibers)
– Project manager on IT projects

Reference: Mr. R. Reinink (CEO) +31(0)180 – 743 302

October 2016 - April 2018

Regent Mobile Security

Windows and Linux Engineer

Regent Mobile is part of Regent Mobile Security B.V. and is engaged in tracking and remote reading and logging data from mobile objects. We call this ‘Connecting Mobile Assets’. Regent Mobile is (inter)nationally active in various sectors such as construction, transport, agricultural mechanization, automotive, marine, but also in various sectors within the government and municipalities.

– Senior Windows and Linux Engineer
– Management of Linux and Windows based servers
– Management and implementation of Data Science Virtual Machines in Azure
– Development of Data Science Workflows for Azure
– Implementing new Linux / Windows Enviroment platforms with secure section
– Microsoft Azure Management using ARM Shell for management purposes
– Use of Microsoft Azure Resource Manager for reporting resources
– Management of Platform and implementation of MySQL Master/Slave
– Cloud Management
– Management and configuration of Kubernetes
– Management of CI/CD Security enviroment


Reference: Mr. T. Stok (CEO) +31(0)88 – 99 00 106

December 2018 - present

Decentralized Crypto Token

Crypto Advisor - Technical Blockchain Designer

– Counselor of blockchain crypto networks
– Advise based on Certified Blockchain Export v2
– Management of listing decentralized tokens on various platform
– Network advisor and marketing counseling
– Counseling based on certification: CryptoCurrency Expert
– Linux (CentOS and CloudLinux) Network Administrator
– Member of thinktank and brainstorm sessions for new possibilities

Reference: Mr. D. Kubitza (CEO) +380(0)99 – 035 84 16

August 2015 - January 2018

Blue Lemon B.V.

Linux Engineer - OpenStack Engineer

Blue Lemon B.V. is an all round, webdevelopement and IT company. From building Magento webshops, WordPress sites, iOS and Android apps to enrolling networks for over 200 computers on various locations. Blue Lemon runs the complete platform using freelancer employees and specialists.

– Implementation and Lead engineer of OpenStack enviroment
– Enrolling clusters on OpenStack
– DevOps Engineer team lead
– Head of development and engineering team
– Project Management webdevelopment
– Use of Ansible
– SCRUM and Agile working methods
– System development and version management using GitLab
– Coldfushion scripting and design
– CGI and Perl scripting
– Scrum master for devops team


January 2017 - present

BitBauer Zurich

Technical Blockchain Advisor

BitBauer is a Swiss tech startup specialized in Blockchain technology run by verified and certified Block Experts. The company advises investors about the fast moving crypto market and creates opportunities for the use of Blockchain implementations for all kinds of companies or governments.

– Counselor of blockchain technology
– Advise based on Certified Blockchain Export v2
– Member of Management Team
– Advise of complex network technologies
– Member of thinktank and brainstorm sessions for new possibilities

Reference: Mr. C. Frasca (CEO) +41(0) 44 – 552 84 85

February 2016 - March 2018


Senior System Engineer

Ornion is one of the first companies which builds custom made Ethereum and Bitcoin mining rig systems based on fast GPU’s. Using a high end webshop named EthereumMiners serves thousands of Crypto enthousiasts.

– Webdevelopment of complete network of 12 Magento 2.0 based webshops
– Research and development of mining computers
– Assembly of mining rigs
– Installation of complete mining farms on location
– Research on optimalisation and overclocking Nvidia and AMD Videocards
– Customer relations
– Use of various mining pools
– Modification of firmwares and drivers
– Teamlead of 15 FTE’s

Reference: Mr. C. Frasca (Customer) +41(0) 44 – 552 84 85

May 2014 - July 2017

Holland Garden B.V.

Interim Manager

Holland Garden B.V. was a company which sells bigbags with ground cover materials, bricks and stone pavements. As an interim manager and project lead I was responsible for the workflows of the company and the start of online selling, marketing and presence.

– Development of Magento webshop
– Management of Magento Store
– Online Marketing tasks using SalesForce
– Interim and project Management
– Proces and order monitoring

Reference: Mr. W. Otten (CEO) – +31(0)35 – 695 2934

March 2013 - August 2015

Futuremind App International B.V.

Development and Project Manager

As the project manager and DevOps Engineer and core developper for the iOS / Andriod app ‘The Journalist’.  This app gives ordinary people the posibilitie to present local news instant from their cell phone.

– iOS App development and implementation using XCode and Adobe Photoshop
– Testing and managing infrastructure based on CentOS Linux
– Load balancing cluster management for traffic and control
– Writing documentation and thinking out new side projects and features
– Running the DevOps team
– Management of hosting servers for database
– Teamlead of 3 FTE’s

Reference: Mr. W. de Bue (CEO) +31(0)6 – 46 222 891

February 2011 - August 2015

Tickles B.V.

Company owner - Project Manager

Co-founder and CEO of Tickles B.V. In charge of all commercial and technical management. Leading a scrum team over 25 employees, developping, creative thinking and rolling out high end web platforms for midsize and multinational companies.

– Management of company for webdevelopment and creative design
– Project manager for multinationals and high revenu companies
– Magento webdevelopment (Magento 1.x and 2.x)
– WordPress webdevelopment and custom PHP scripting
– Managing all Linux based systems and Git Development Platforms
– Managing fully based on scrum teams
– Operational manager for employees (HR Manager)
– Teamlead of 25 FTE’s

Reference: Mr. M. Zecevic (CEO) +31(0)88 – 84 25 537

January 2013 - July 2015

Nitro Networks


Nitro Networks designs turnkey datacenters solutions and manages BGP Fibre networks. Depending on the situation and requirements of the customer, all kind of high level datacenter services are provided. This ensures all the elements are available for a professional, economical, reliable and safe datacenters. As the maintainer of 10 Gbit fibre connections through western Europe, Nitro Networks is a enterprise level network company.

– Management of company
– Setting up functional and technical designs datacenters
– Installation of datacenter equipment
– Management of Cisco BGP network
– Negotiations about network connectivity with partners like Eurofiber and Relined.
– Project management of datacenter enrollments

Reference: Mr. H. Paulussen (CTO) +31(0)6 – 1153 0564

May 2003 - September 2014

w3Media B.V.

Company owner - Linux Engineering

Privately owned webhosting company with more than 300 Linux and Windows servers colocated in 3 different datacenters. Main office was located in DataHouse Spijkenisse.

– Installation and managing over 300 servers with CentOS / BSD / Debian / Windows
– Configuration of switches and routers in High speed Gbit network
– Solving problems for user on webhosting platforms
– Managing Gitlab platform and migrations for development customers
– Datacenter installation
– Sales meeting with new customers and prospects
– Project management and general manager
– Teamlead of 3 FTE’s

Reference: Mr. A. Gerritsen (CEO) – +31(0)85 – 210 20 73

May 1999 - June 2005

FuTec Systems B.V.

Freelance System and Network Administrator

As head office IT staff I was fully responsible for assembling computer hardware and installations of servers and networks in local medical facilities as hospitals, doctors, dentist and general practice centers.

– Managing assembly of computer hardware
– Installation of desktop computers and servers based on Active Directory
– Implementation of Windows Update Service
– Configurations of Windows NT4, 2000 and 2003 servers
– Migrations and installation of Microsoft Exchange projects
– Managing director of local datacenter with 16 racks
– Teamlead of 4 FTE’s

Reference: Mr. L. van der Slot (CEO) +31(0)88 – 130 8130

February 2000 - September 2001

ServerShop Nederland B.V.

Company Partner - System Builder

In 2000, ServerShop was the first and only online retailer using a webshop which sells complete servers in the Benelux. Complete servers fully installed with Linux or Windows ready to go.

– Building and designing custom build rack servers for webhosting purposes
– Assembling, installing and optimizing servers based on Red Hat Linux
– Customer support and installation in various datacenters
– Building a custom webshop software (PHP) and online payment methods
– SuperMicro partner and business development

Reference: Mr. W. ten Hoeve (CEO) +31(0)6 – 46 222 890

August 1997 - May 2000

Xventus Networks

Company owner - Linux Engineering

Xventus Networks was a small webhosting company with 4 fully filled dedicated server racks housed in a private suite in a Rotterdam Datacenter. As the founding father which took the budget hosting from the US to the Netherlands, Xventus Networks was a huge hosting company for that time.

– Installation of network and routing traffic
– Installation and assembling custom build servers (based on Red Hat Linux 5.2)
– Managing webhosting servers and switches
– Build a 24/7 monitoring platform on PHP/SQL in combination with SMS
– Designed and build a access control system for colocated hosting customers

Reference: Mr. A. Lantink (Partner) +31(0)6 – 24 24 82 36

April 1997 - August 1998

UPC Nederland B.V.

Freelance Network Administrator

UPC Nederland was the second largest cable operator in the Netherlands, providing cable television (digital and analogue), broadband Internet, and telephone service to both residential and commercial customers. Network and system administrator for mailservers, usenet servers and webservers based on Red Hat Linux at UPC Nederland in Amsterdam.

– Third line support for helpdesk and backoffice
– Managing and maintaining servers for optimal workflow
– Updating servers with latest software and patch management
– Configuring new servers and installation hardware
– Teamleader of small team (5 FTE’s)

Reference: Mr. D. Karsten (CEO) +31(0)20 – 7755 000

BHV: Bedrijfs Hulp Verlening

2016 March
Dutch Learning Company
BHV: Bedrijfs Hulp Verlening

Cerftified Fujitsu Siemens Engineer

2004 May
Fujitsu Siemens
Cerftified Fujitsu Siemens Engineer

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

2001 February
Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

Comptia Inet+

1999 August
Comptia Inet+

Comptia N+

1999 June
Comptia N+

MBO: Public Relations and company communications

1998 July
Mercatus College in Rotterdam
MBO: Public Relations and company communications

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Cryptocurrency Expert


DevOps Engineer


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Windows System Administrator


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